How services migrate to Bank ABC


You’ll receive a Bank ABC account equivalent to the one you already have at BLOM Bank Egypt – with similar benefits, interest and fees.

What you need to do:

  • Visit any Bank ABC branch now to get your new account number and IBAN. You will need to take your National ID or passport.
  • Share new Bank ABC account details with those paying into your account to avoid disruption to finances.
  • Set up regular payments such as loan repayments and standing orders.
  • Advise employer if salary should be paid into account.
  • Use ABC Digital from 25th February to check new account and transact online. Learn to do this here.

Debit and credit cards

BLOM Bank Egypt customers with debit or credit cards will receive an equivalent replacement Bank ABC card.

Receiving replacement Bank ABC cards

All replacement Bank ABC debit and credit cards have been sent to each customer’s registered address – if not received, the card will be at your branch for you to collect.

When to start using replacement Bank ABC cards

  • Debit cards: Use from 8pm 22nd February 2024(then BLOM Bank Egypt will then be deactivated)
  • Credit cards: Have been available to use from 1st February 2024

What you need to do

Activate your Bank ABC card immediately. You can create your PIN and activate your card on any Bank ABC ATM.

How to activate your new Bank ABC card

Activating Bank ABC cards at ATMs

  • Insert the debit/credit Card into any Bank ABC ATM. The nearest ATM can be found here
  • Select language
  • Click on ‘PIN SET  
  • Enter OTP received on your mobile when asked: ‘Please enter your OTP that has been sent to your registered mobile number
  •  Enter new four digit PIN when asked: ‘Please enter 4 digit pin – this will be new pin
  • Re-enter the four digit PIN when asked: ‘Please re-enter the new pin to confirm that you have entered the correct number
  • Once complete, the ATM screen will display: ‘Your pin has been set successfully and your card has been activated.

If customers face any difficulties activating their cards at an ATM, they should call our Contact Centre on: 19123.

Pricing and fees

The pricing and fees for Bank ABC debit, credit and prepaid cards will be the same as BLOM Bank Egypt cards.

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Loans, overdrafts and deposits

Any agreed lending facilities, term deposits and certificate of deposits you have with BLOM Bank Egypt will be migrated ‘as is’ to Bank ABC. All terms and conditions will remain exactly the same.

There will be no change to the date loan repayments are due. Repayment amounts will be the same when the loan migrates to Bank ABC. Any future changes will follow standard bank policy.

You will receive the same overdraft limit when your account moves to Bank ABC.


We will make every effort to ensure there is no disruption payments when you move to Bank ABC Egypt.

What you need to do:

  • Incoming payments / SWIFT payments:

    Make those paying into account aware of your new Bank ABC account details and use them from the 25th February 2024.

Cheque books

You can keep using your existing BLOM Bank Egypt cheque books after your account moves to Bank ABC. There will be no disruption to the cheque honoring process as a result of your accounts being migrated to Bank ABC.

You can only request a new Bank ABC cheque book from your branch after your account moves to Bank ABC. If you prefer, you can continue using your BLOM Bank Egypt cheque book until it runs out, then request a Bank ABC replacement.

Outstanding BLOM Bank Egypt cheques

Any outstanding BLOM Bank Egypt cheques issued prior to the new corresponding Bank ABC account being activated will be honored.

Internet banking

We’re currently working on some exciting new digital banking services to introduce new levels of capability and convenience for customers, including a new mobile banking app – we will update on these soon.

ABC Digital will take care of all your key internet banking needs. Please follow the guidance below to access this service.

Mobile Banking App

As promised, we are investing in more innovative digital banking services for our new combined bank. A brand-new mobile app has been built just for you, offering a world-class mobile banking experience.

The new app is in the final stages of testing and will launch very soon. For now, you can manage your banking online using ABC Digital.

What you need to do

Accessing ABC Digital for the first time (not used BLOM Connect internet banking before)

Complete an ABC Digital registration form and return it to the branch to process and activate internet banking. This may take up to two working days. The registration form can be downloaded at the Bank ABC website , or requested at any branch.

  • If you already use BLOM Connect

    Your ‘Connect’ username will migrate to ABC Digital. You will need to access ABC Digital and set a new password.

    Beneficiaries will automatically migrate from Connect to ABC digital if they do not bank with BLOM Bank Egypt.

    If beneficiaries bank with BLOM Bank Egypt they will not automatically migrate from Connect to ABC digital and must be updated manually (these beneficiaries accounts will also be migrating to Bank ABC and will therefore change).

  • If you have a pre-existing Bank ABC account and use ABC Digital already

    There will be no change to how you access ABC Digital. You will keep your existing ABC Digital username/password and will be able to see your migrated accounts once they have been activated.

    If you also use Connect, any existing beneficiaries there will not migrate to ABC Digital – this is to avoid any potential duplication and disruption to your finances (please review and update beneficiaries manually).

Safe Deposit

If you have a safe deposit locker with BLOM Bank Egypt it will stay at your existing branch.